How to Start Investing in Gold

Gold is one of the few assets that have stood the test of time and will continue to. The valuable is a scarce and expensive resource but can bring high returns if you invest wisely. But how do you start investing in Gold? Here’s a simple guide.

  1.  Save some money

Some people might be made to believe you must have millions of Singapore dollars to invest in Gold. The asset is precious and expensive to acquire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start small.

The first step is setting aside some money for yourself. Most young people love to ask about investments. How much is the minimum amount one can invest. Well, you shouldn’t go for the minimum investment.

Have targets and go for the optimum investment amount. That way, you will get great value for your money. Besides, you must balance your savings and expenditure.

That way, you will live comfortably while investing enough. In addition, this will ensure you make rational decisions when investing rather than rely on fantasies just because you want to desperately make money.

  1. Study about gold stocks

This can happen as you save your investment capital or just after and when about to invest. You should study gold stocks well and master the art of trading these assets. There are different options you could go for.

Some people prefer to buy and sell the actual god. If you have a ready market, you can go this way but be keen as this is a risky adventure. Not only is the trade dangerous, but it also puts your money at risk.

A proper study of Gold and the trade options you have will help you engage in the right gold business for you. You will also avoid putting your money and life in danger.

  1. Buy gold stock

After doing proper gold stock analysis, the next step is to make an investment decision and put your money where the promising returns are. There are different other options you could consider apart from buying gold bars and coins.

Gold mutual funds are a good option. Or you could go for gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Invest as much as you can in getting the highest returns. But be keen not to put all your eggs in one basket.

The other option is to trade gold options. Alternatively, you could opt to sell futures contracts. Both are promising and can give a significant amount of money in return.

The other gold investment option is to purchase a gold certificate. It should be backed by a government mint, or you could just purchase jewelry.


Holding is a tech term used to mean holding. You could do this with Gold. This involves buying the asset when its price is at the lowest and keeping it. You will possess the Gold until the prices are high and sell the Gold at that time.

You can do this repeatedly, but that will mean spending a lot of time studying and analyzing the markets. However, if you get right, this too can get you great returns. Unlike other assets, Gold has been able to consistently retain its value without experiencing drastic price variations.

This stability has made it a desirable asset to invest in. Besides, it can still be used as a medium of exchange in trade.


Gold is one of the best assets to put your money on. The valuable asset continues to grow in value and can generate millions of SDG if you invest correctly. Other than investing in actual Gold or ETFs and mutual funds, you could invest in Gold related industries. For instance, you could put your money in gold mining companies. Other gold-related organizations you could invest in include gold refining and production companies. Invest now and see your future growth. Take cautious steps as you invest not to land in pyramid schemes.